I like sitting around in yoga pants. They’re stretchy, comfortable and make me feel athletic, even when I’m not.

I like narwhals. A lot. I really want an argyle narwhal from etsy. Like seriously. Apparently, the argyle narwhals are no longer on etsy. Instead, I will take a very large plush red fuzzy one. Like this:



AH! Great news of which to make much of! I received THIS RED NARWHAL for my birthday! Huzzah and much rejoicing was done.

I like a large and bizarre array of music. Even country. Isn’t it annoying how everyone says, “Oh yeah, I like all music. Except country”? Then it’s not all music, is it?

I like people who know how to correctly differentiate between “accept” and “except.”

I like Stephen Fry.

I like chocolate. I think I would be completely happy with life if I could run a bookstore/coffee shop/chocolaterie. And eat cupcakes all day and never die from obesity-related illnesses.

I like going into bookstores and wandering, touching the books. I always try to buy something when I go to a bookstore, because I don’t want them to go away, but have a sneaking feeling that I cannot support all of them by myself. I shall, however, keep trying.

I like television. Sometimes I even like bad television. But I should watch less television.

I like science fiction. Often on television, very often in movies, and even more often in books. Fantasy, too, though most people don’t feel the need to make that distinction. (One has science and one has dragons.)

I like books. I read more than I watch TV. I should still watch less television.

I like writing. Sometimes. Not all the time. But it gives me more of a satisfied feeling than anything else I’ve discovered so far. Except for maybe cupcakes.

I like cupcakes.

I like my family. Sometimes. Most of the time. Maybe depending on my sister’s hair color.

Liking my family really has nothing to do with my sister’s hair color.

Well, maybe liking my sister.

I like snowmen but have never successfully made one. I have, however, successfully decorated a few.

I like kittens. And puppies. And both varieties of grown-ups.

I hope one day to get a ride in the TARDIS. I don’t particularly care where/when we go, but it’d be a great story.

Failing boarding the TARDIS, I will take a dragon ride instead.


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