Knitting: A way to not get the SAD

I’ve always enjoyed making things with my hands. The first time I made bread felt amazing–this blob of dough I had created and kneaded and baked actually became┬ásomething. Something edible and yummy. When I took my photography class at Kenyon, I felt the same way. Not so much the edible part, but the creating something physical that hadn’t existed before. This is why I like knitting.

But there’s a caveat with knitting. I can only do it when it’s cold outside. As soon as the weather starts to heat up, my hands hate the very feel of wool. Conveniently, here in Scotland, it’s chilly most of the time, and it’s only going to get colder. So, here it is: my first hat made completely in St Andrews:

Earflap Hat
A hat that, without the bobbles, looks vaguely like a bomber hat knit by a granny.

If you can ignore the cheeky grin, I find it’s a rather fabulous hat. I used a multicolored, 10-gage (American) yarn given to me for my 22nd birthday by my dear friend Katie. I’ve been saving the two skeins I had for something special–it’s such a fun yarn. I altered the Kittyville Hat pattern from Stich ‘N Bitch┬áso it, y’know, wouldn’t have cat ears. But keeping my ears warm in the upcoming months is going to be important and I’m hoping the fun colors will keep me from getting seasonal affective disorder. It’s bright colors that keep you happy, right? And my vitamin D supplement my mom wouldn’t let me leave America without.

I’m not terribly concerned about getting SAD though. I think I’m mentally prepared for the grayness, wind and rain that is fast approaching. I’ve met some wonderful people here who seem like great friends and great writers. We often go straight to the pub after class for a cheeky pint and geek out about literary stuff. One night my friend Richard and I couldn’t stop talking about how much we love Emily Dickinson. I may have recited my favorite of her poems on the spot. I’ve also joined Knitting Society, which gives me a group of experienced knitters to learn from AND 10% off the local yarn shop. Friends and family, get ready for many knitted gifts this holiday season.

So, amidst my knitting new things, reading new books, writing new stories and enjoying new (and old) friends, I think I shall create my own artificial sunlight. (And yes, Mom, I’ll keep taking the vitamin D.)


If anyone would like my altered pattern for the hat, just let me know!