Holy crap, I’m doing NaNo again (and I did a guest blog!)

The NaNoWriMo crest…which makes me think of writing as a viking-esque pursuit.

If you’ve been following my exploits for many years now, you’ll know that when I first started this blog, I did this crazy thing called NaNoWriMo (it started like this and ended like this). The main thing I learned from it is that it’s a really amazing experience, where you just have to write. It’s not about the editing, or even the cohesion of the story – or even finishing a story. It’s about getting 50,000 words on the page (or screen) and doing it in 30 days. This may sound redundant or pedantic, or some other long-ish word that my tired brain is pulling out of a hat, but that’s really what it is. It completely took over my life, and that’s when I was in school specifically to write creatively. My life is different now. Now I am a PhD student who has academic and critical things to write. Some of these things are due very soon. But I’ve realized that my passion is all-things fiction, both in analyzing it and writing it. I’ve really missed writing it. And what’s amazing is that I’ve looked back at some of the stuff I’ve written and I’ve liked it. This is completely bizarre and jarring, but very uplifting and inspiring. It makes me feel like this time, that this NaNo will maybe be more than just a word count and a bragging tool. This time, I will produce something that I will continue to work on after November, that I will edit and polish and finish. That I will actually write a novel.

Look, it's me as a viking! This picture is proof that I can write like a viking and conquer NaNoWriMo.
Look, it’s me as a viking! This picture is proof that I can write like a viking and conquer NaNoWriMo.


Not enough coffee. Always the answer. Must to get more of the coffee stuff and to drink it lots and lots.

On a slightly different note, but really one that is just further proving my love of all things young-adult fiction-y, I wrote a guest blog post! In fact, I am going to be a contributor on said blog, where I will write even more posts! It’s this great children’s literature site called The Book Wars and it’s written by some other awesome academic people who also happen to study children’s literature. What a crazy random happenstance! My first post was about Tamora Pierce and essentially how everything she’s written is bad-ass and feminist and is full of life lessons. You can check it out here if you are so inclined.

Some of the glorious publications from the magical Tamora Pierce.

Well okay kids, as you can see, I have a lot of writing in my future. For example, I need to go write another 517 words to reach my 1,667 daily word count goal. Don’t worry – I’m sure to use this blog as a sounding board and procrastination tool. And let’s not forget shameless promoter of myself! But really, aren’t you all glad that I’m using wordpress and writing a blog like this, as opposed to writing a livejournal? Oh, the sappy and emo posts I used to make…Moral of the story: be glad and dance in the streets that I am no longer an angst-ridden teenager. I make a much better and less-public-sadness-inflicting angst-ridden grown-up.


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