Coffee Coffee Coffee

You might wonder why I’ve repeated the word coffee three times in my title. Oddly enough, it’s not because I’m on a coffee-induced caffeine high….but I should be….so I’m going to grab a cup and be right back…

EXCEPT THERE IS NO COFFEE IN THE KITCHEN. This is a travesty, and something I think which stems from the fact that I’m the only American in the office. Some British stereotypes are true–they drink way more tea than they do coffee. My office is right by the kitchen, so I always hear the kettle boiling. And yet smell no deliciousness that is a heated coffee bean. Woe betides us all.

See? That’s how I start talking when I have no coffee.

Other bad things can apparently happen if you don’t drink coffee. HuffPo recently published an article listing 5 good reasons why you should drink coffee. But my favorite on is that IT PROTECTS YOUR BRAIN! Drinking coffee has been proven to help your brain fight degenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s. I’m picturing my brain with a helmet on it. A helmet made of coffee!

Okay, so the following picture is not of a coffee-made helmet on top of a brain. But it is a helmet made to look like a brain, which I still think is pretty cool.

brain helmet

Cool AND creepy. What else could you want from a brain helmet? Oh, right, COFFEE.

And if the HuffPo article can’t convince you that people should drink coffee, I think this post is proof enough. This is my brain sans coffee, and it makes even less sense than usual.

This post was brought to you by the letter C. C for coffee and c for crazy.


2 thoughts on “Coffee Coffee Coffee

  1. I just finished my first cup of coffee after eating my porridge (aka Oatmeal) with raisins. No sugar and using Half/Half instead of 100% cream, not milk. Now, on to the gym and begin the day. Oh, and I did let the dog out to do her ‘business’ and fed the five cats, including the outdoor cat. I did adopt the U.K. way with my coffee by putting in copious amounts of Half/Half prior to pouring in the coffee. So, some people say I love coffee with my Half/Half.

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