A Little Late Night Doctor Who

I wish the subtitle for this post could be “Because I can.” Which I guess I’ve successfully just done by putting it there. Good job me.

This post is brought to you a little bit by insomnia, a little bit because I haven’t seen Gavin in three months and he gets back tomorrow, and a little bit because I can’t stop thinking about tonight’s Doctor Who episode. And by the letter D.

D for Doctor, D for Day (that’s me), and D for DINOSAURS. Because that’s what tonight’s episode was. Dinosaurs on a Spaceship. Catchy title, yes, and very believable looking dinosaurs (yay for expanded DW special features budget!), but it seems like a gimmicky title. In fact, the whole episode felt a little gimmicky. Now, it takes a lot for me to criticize this show, but Queen Nefertiti was brought along on the adventure. For funsies. No, really, the Doctor picked her up in ancient Egypt and brought her with him on the TARDIS because he couldn’t say no. And don’t get me wrong–I love ancient Egypt. I wish we could have a whole episode about ancient Egypt. But really what was the point of bringing her along? I get why the episode needed it, but this was something completely uncharacteristic of the show, at least in its modern incarnation. And I guess that’s what I’ve been thinking about. How the most recent Doctor Who episodes (as in, last season) had a slightly darker focus, and while I don’t think we need that each and every time, this episode felt a bit…cheap. I really enjoyed it, but evil space pirate + dinosaurs + spaceship + ancient Egyptian queen who’s always wearing the blue crown = too much. Too too much. I never thought I’d say this, but…..

Could we kill Rory again? Not the forever kind of dying, because apparently Rory doesn’t do that, but y’know…

Of course I don’t meant that. It took me a LONG time to come round on Rory, and I don’t really want him to die. But Steven Moffat spent so much time scaring us and making us cry and these first two episodes have been, well, gimmicky. Daleks and dinosaurs! (Now THAT would’ve been a great title.) Also, D for daleks!

Well. I think that sums up my geeky rant for the night. I think I shall now be able to sleep better, since I’m sure Steven Moffat will see this post, take my advice to heart and completely change this season’s storyline. I’m just that powerful.

Okay, ONE more geeky thing. Because if there’s one thing I love, it’s crossover. Or at least comparison.

Is it weird that I always wanted to see what the inside of Oscar’s trash can looked like?


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