Hello world! I’m coming to you live and loud from New York City! I’m also coming to you from days of sleep deprivation as I’m experiencing the dreaded CPC Book Workshop. Late nights, early mornings, and irreplaceable exposure. Oh wow but I’m sleepy. And I can’t give you a lot of details. Cause I’m not supposed to. At least not right now. But really, you’d be bored with all the nitty gritty anyway. What’s kind of cool is that a group of us have created a fake children’s imprint and we’re creating fake children’s books to fake sell to fake people. It’s a lot of hypotheticals and a lot of stress. I’m losing a lot of hair in the shower. When I have time to shower. (Don’t let that gross you out. I’m spending my days stuck inside super air conditioned buildings, so I don’t sweat. Or smell. And I really am showering. Most days.)

So this is really just a post to say hello, interwebs. I missed you! I’ll hopefully be better about posting in the future and not take months-long breaks. But not right now. Right now I’ll have my copy torn apart by real-life editors and try to fall asleep as soon as humanly possible. Let’s snuggle soon, k?


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