Why I Want to Be an Editor

Hi guys! I wrote a little something and felt like sharing. It’s important for a certain reason (to be shared later) so if you have any constructive comments, please….well, comment!

Books have been the one constant in my life. We moved around a lot when I was younger and my books were the friends I could take with me. No matter where I was, if I opened Ella Enchanted or The Subtle Knife, everyone would still be there, waiting for me to go on adventures. They were the friends I never had to say goodbye to. It got to the point where I couldn’t stop reading—at the dinner table, during recess, and secretly in class. I started getting in trouble for reading, something I didn’t think possible. Eventually my family settled down in one place but that didn’t stop me from voraciously reading. Books are still dependable and entrancing. To this day, I’ll occasionally skip a coffee date to curl up with a good story instead. I would enjoy nothing more than to have a career where the work I took home on the weekend was to critique a manuscript from a new author.

My love of reading led to my love of writing. I studied creative writing in college and am currently earning my MLitt in fiction. After taking several workshop classes I began to appreciate something else—editing. Helping my classmates with their writing introduced to me the give and take of the editing process. I learned which word battles to fight and which ones to concede, and that sometimes one word cane make all the difference. Assisting them with their writing has improved my own, and has helped me to understand both the author and editor’s approach to fiction.

It was this passion for creating literature that motivated me to become a student associate at The Kenyon Review. I knew I wanted to have a career immersed in fiction but was unsure what route I wanted to take. My interest in publishing started with the work I did at the Review, where I learned about the publication process of a literary magazine. Under the guidance of my writing teacher and Review editor, David Lynn, I decided I wanted to delve further into the field. He helped me understand the responsibility of an editor and how to look for the surprise and delight in every story. With his support and advice, I knew that becoming an editor was what I was made to do.

Most people assume that English majors want to become teachers. A friend of my father’s once told me that he knew of people who were hiring language teachers in China, as if my only qualifications were in teaching English to those who couldn’t speak it. I have nothing against teachers but I’ve never wanted to limit that as my sole career option. Books have always been what I care about most, and the thought of using that passion to find and hone new stories invigorates me. All I want to do is help create wonderful fiction and to give friends to other lost little girls like me.


2 thoughts on “Why I Want to Be an Editor

  1. Katy,

    Yes, I want you to do what you like. When a person can work at a job they love it is not really work. I know how many books you have read. We have hundreds of them here in multiple book cases. Keep doing what you love.

    I love you,


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