The Beginnings of Evvy

I wrote a mini-story for class and felt like sharing it. I think it’s the start of something and am a little excited about it. 

Uncle Shorty told me that he saw glowing dolphins last night. I said that dolphins didn’t glow, they swam. He said these dolphins glowed and sawm. Then he used a word, I don’t remember how he said it, but I think it was bio-lescence, and that it made the dolphins glow. I didn’t believe him. I’ve been on this boat since I was born and I never saw a glowing dolphin. Uncle Shorty said that’s cause we hadn’t been in this part of the sea for years and years, so I’d never had a reason to see them. He tried to explain more about the bio-lescence and said something about plankton, but that’s when Nolan came up and said Three-Eyes had something on the line and Maggie said she’d make fish tacos for dinner if he could haul it on board. So Nolan and I ran to the quarterdeck with Uncle Shorty yelling after us. Uncle Shorty’s always telling us to be careful, which doesn’t make sense since he’s the one hanging off the side with a net, trying to catch Sargasso and jellies.

Sure enough, when we got to the quarterdeck Three-Eyes was fighting with a mahi-mahi. He was pulling it onto the deck and hollering for a belaying pin. Nolan grabbed one and held it ready. It was the biggest mahi-mahi I’d ever seen, bigger than me, and colors so bright you couldn’t stop looking. When Three-Eyes pulled it over the edge, Nolan handed him the pin and with three sharp whacks Three-Eyes did it in. Mahi-mahi’s colors slipped away with its breath and Three-Eyes looked up at us, smiling and blood-speckled. I don’t mind blood much. He told us to fetch Maggie to come get the fish once he’d finish gutting it. Nolan stayed with Three-Eyes, staring as he pulled out a long sharp knife. I went belowdecks.

Maggie was resting in the saloon between meals, reading a book for the millionth time. When I told her about the mahi, she asked if Three-Eyes had an easy time of it and I told her that Nolan had helped. She laughed and waddled to her feet and said for me to pull out the fixings to make tortillas. I nodded and waited for her to disappear up the ladder before I rushed off to find Jackson and tell him about the fish.

My friend Danielle gutting a mahi-mahi on the deck of the SSV Robert C. Seamans
My friend Danielle gutting a mahi-mahi on the deck of the SSV Robert C. Seamans. Sorry about the blood.

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