Thoughts to Think when Trying to Read (A Horrible Book)

My mind wanders. Often during inopportune times. Often when I’m trying to sleep. Not terribly often when I’m reading books. I think this is because I usually read good books and become engrossed in the story. If my mind does wander, it’s usually to do with something about the book. When I’m reading a bad book, though, my mind speeds off like Toad on the Rainbow Road. Here are things I did to put off reading a particular book (which for now shall remain nameless).

I exercised. It made me feel very smug. And sweaty.

I watched the second half of 3:10 to Yuma. Not my favorite movie, but much better than this book.

I perused ZooBorns, which is something I hadn’t done in a very long time, so there lots of baby animal photos I hadn’t seen yet. Like this one:

Baby Sloth
This is Sid. He's a baby sloth.

He reminds me a lot of a panda, since pandas are often sitting in that pose and eating bamboo. I think bamboo would be a little much for Sid to handle right now.

I did laundry. Two loads, in fact.

I did dishes. And made food. And did more dishes.

I remembered that Dr. Seuss day is coming up, so I searched for Seuss things and came upon some AWESOME stuff. Like this:

Seuss Moose
A taxidermy Seuss Moose

But, much as I would rather throw myself into my writing, I pull back because I know I should be reading this ghastly thing…so instead I play on the internet and do useful but ultimately unnecessary things (cause really, who needs clean sheets?). All I can say is I can’t wait until tomorrow at 12pm, when I will never more (I hope) have to look at this book again.

For now, I shall go back to reading. In my life of first world problems, I cannot think of anything worse than being forced to read such a monstrous tome. There are so many GOOD books! Why waste time reading the bad ones?


4 thoughts on “Thoughts to Think when Trying to Read (A Horrible Book)

  1. How far are you? The second one picks up a lot near the end. The third one I wouldn’t bother with – all you need to know is Titus wanders off into the world. The world is weird. He gets homesick and questions his sanity (starts to wonder if Gormenghast even exists) and then stumbles across it right at the end, goes, oh it does exist, and wanders off again, never to return! POINTLESS

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