Blogging Elsewhere: Valentine’s Day

Hello blogosphere!! It’s been many a day since my last blog but I’ve been vacationing and traveling and recovering from jet lag. But now I’m back and raring to go. To start things off, I’ve written a new blog for the St Andrews website! Since it is that fateful day–Ferris Wheel Day–I thought I’d write a romantic blog. What’s that? Didn’t know February 14th was Ferris Wheel Day? Well it IS! Happy Ferris Wheel Day!

And Valentine’s Day. The day when St. Valentine was killed or something…I could research this but that jet lag I said I’m over might still be lurking, even though I’ve been back in St Andrews for over a week now. The important thing is I wrote a Top 5 Romantic Things to Do on Valentine’s Day in St Andrews post! Exciting times! If you remember, my Raisin Weekend post ended up on their website as well. Hopefully more and more guest blogging will happen. It’s almost like getting published?? It’s a nice little ego boost because it’s someone I’ve never met who thinks my writing is worth going up online. It’s a great feeling! Here’s hoping one day the same thing happens with a novel, eh?

So, to sum up, check out my blog post and go ride a ferris wheel! This is in accordance with Valentine’s Day as well because I once had a friend who said no he would not ride on the ferris wheel for me because we weren’t dating. Young 15 year-old me did not think that ferris wheels equated a relationship and was a little crushed. Maybe one day I’ll get to go on a ferris wheel with a boyfriend but until then I’ll settle for dinner and a movie (preferably the Muppets).


3 thoughts on “Blogging Elsewhere: Valentine’s Day

  1. Really? Ferris wheel day?? And I thought the wheel was merely an engineering feat to rival the Eiffel Tower. Can you advise two Minnesota high school juniors who will be visiting St. Andrews in March? Romance may be low on the list….

    1. I’d love to help advise them–what do they need help with? What are they doing in St Andrews? If you give me their email addresses I’d be happy to help out.

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