A Kitten on a Leash on the Beach

Have you heard the phrase “It’s like trying to herd kittens”? Something equally hard to do is walk a cat on a leash. It’s more like pulling a cat along behind you while they are meowing, trying to tell you, “Excuse me, but this is very undignified and I would really rather prefer it if you took this ridiculous halter off of me and allowed me to continue doing exactly what I please, which at this moment would be walking over your mother’s puzzle table.” At least, that’s how my kitten sounded when I decided I was going to take her walking on the beach. I took the adventurous one, thinking that she’d maybe balk at first but would eventually come to love the ocean.

This was not entirely the case.

Ella at the beach
Ellabelle at the beach

She meowed and tried to go back inside and hid underneath my legs. We’d get closer and closer to the ocean and she would stop and stare at it. She wasn’t petrified and she didn’t try to claw my arm off, but she was not that thrilled. I tried to tell her that it was like walking in a giant litter box, but she wasn’t listening. I guess maybe she wasn’t thrilled at the idea of wandering around in a giant toilet. When I think about it, I wouldn’t be either.

Ella on the steps
Ellabelle rushing to get back inside

I wasn’t surprised when she ran to get back inside. And when I say ran I mean she slunk as if she thought she were being hunted. When we got near the grass she made a beeline for it. I think it looked most like our backyard and therefore comforting. I ended up having to pick her up to get her back inside, which is what she wanted in the first place.

When we were back in the safety of walls, she may have hid under my bed for a couple hours. But she came out and rubbed against my leg before she jumped in my lap, so all was forgiven. Maybe next time she’ll want to jump in the water

Probably not.

Note to self: if you want to walk a kitten, start getting her used to it when she’s a newborn, otherwise she won’t put up with your nonsense.


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