Goals (Note: NOT Resolutions)

What with it being a new year and all, people are making resolutions. Or so I hear. I’ve never been one for resolutions…maybe I should make a resolution to make resolutions?


I do, however, have goals. Goals that I would like to accomplish soon. They are as follows:

1) Apply to Penguin UK internship by January 13

2) Get my speculative emails out to Edinburgh publishers by January 13

3) Get things in order to apply to the Columbia Publishing Course (official deadline March 19 but want to be ready before that)

4) Do some fun crafting instead of so much fun baking–better for my waistline

5) WRITE MORE STORY. Edit story. Plug away at story. Finish the thing. Story story story.

The only reason #5 is in the last slot because technically it’s less deadline-y. Though the most important, in the long run. The crafting is in there for funsies. While I’m really interested in publishing and would love to get a job in the field, writing’s my passion. But to support the habit I will eventually need to get a day job. Unless I win the lottery. Or rob a bank and get away scotfree. Or drop down a rabbit hole and have the Queen of Hearts as my patron. Though that could be dangerous. But potentially good for deadlines–nothing gets you writing like the threat of having your head chopped off, right??

As inspiration to get off (though actually stay on, because typing on your feet is tiresome and less than productive) my butt and get to work, here’s a fun Dr. Seuss quotation. Maybe not inspiration, exactly, but words to make you feel better about life in general.

Thanks for the words to live by, Theodor!


4 thoughts on “Goals (Note: NOT Resolutions)

  1. You said it. The key is to do it! The discipline to do it is paramount. Hard Work, Each Day, Pays Off! Life is very worthwhile. It can be so satisfying.

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