Baking Distraction of the Day: Polar Bears

While it may seem from this title that I’m baking polar bears, it’s simply not the case. I think I’d feel much too guilty to eat a polar bear–I have enough trouble eating lamb, and those things are everywhere. The only way I’d eat a polar bear were if it were already dead from old age and I was starving to death on the tundra. And maybe if the only way I could survive was to wrap myself in its carcass. Tauntaun anyone?

But I just can’t imagine myself roughing it on the tundra, and therefore no polar bear snacking for me. UNLESS it happens to be sugary and covered in frosting. Like the amazing cupcake I just made.

polar bear cupcake
Polar bear cupcake!

Now how could such a wonderful cupcake be a distraction? Well, because I should be finishing my novel. And editing it. And sending off applications and stuff for internships both next semester and next summer. But I just can’t seem to make myself do it. Instead I bake. And exercise, to work off all the cupcake induced calories. I just finished the semester–don’t I deserve to eat as much sugar as I want while avoiding anything that looks like work?

I tried to find a polar bear in the position of my cupcake, and this was as close as I got:

polar bears
Lounging, lazy polar bear

Much like the elusive narwhal, polar bears are some of my favorite creatures. They both hang out in cold climates, they’re both dwindling in numbers, and they both have giant horns sticking out of their foreheads.

Oh wait. That last one’s just narwhals.

Also like the narwhals, the BBC’s got clips of them from the show Frozen Planet! Check out one of the many clips here.

Now off to exercise! Then sleep! Then wake up to make more polar bear cupcakes! The other 11 cupcakes that will be turned into polar bears are currently in the freezer, frosted with a donut hole on top of each of them. And then another 12 cupcakes will just be frosted. And those 24 cupcakes will be added to the 30 of the Oreo cupcakes I made the other day.

All I can say is if I don’t work out, Santa’s not the only one who’ll have a belly like a bowl full of jelly.



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