Friday Flash: Christmas

Flash Fiction Christmas tree

“How did it get this big?”

“We don’t know. We’ve been gone for a month and we came back and it was just there.”

“Did you try to cut it down?”

“We couldn’t make ourselves. We put a towel over the roots that sprung up to keep the kittens from gnawing on them.”

“Was it some kind of Christmas miracle?”

“We aren’t sure. But we aren’t taking anything for granted.”

“Are you just going to let it stay there?”

“Yep. We’re hoping to expand the window so it can get more light. We may have to open up the roof one day, but we’ll be the only family on the block with a Christmas tree growing in their living room.”

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The semester is over! Did you hear me?? OVER! I turned in my final paper this morning and all that’s left to do is pack. And celebrate later on tonight. And to keep writing over break. Maybe I’ll actually finish the story of my novel….maybe even edit it! Crazy! I leave for the good ol’ US of A on Sunday and am a little excited to get back to 70 degree weather, my comfortable bed, my crazy family and my adorable kittens. I’ve continued watching cute cat videos…it’s almost an addiction.

Today starts my unbelievably long seven week break. Seven weeks because St Andrews doesn’t have exams until after Christmas, so people have to come back for a couple weeks before embarking on what’s called intersemester break. That is, people with exams have to do that. MLitt students in the English department just have final papers. So off I go, back to sunny Florida until February 5, the day before my birthday. Tonight I will say a proper adieu to St Andrews and return with a hankering for Scottish accents.


8 thoughts on “Friday Flash: Christmas

  1. Loved the concept of your story 🙂 I hope you intend to post pictures from Scotland when you go home! It’s one of the countries I’d most like to visit one day. And God, yes, I love the accent.

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