Procrastination: Jaffa Cakes and Clouded Leopards

I’m currently in the throes of editing my large creative submission for class. It’s due Friday at noon and I’m in a pretty good spot. Which of course means that the lure of procrastination is that much stronger. I find myself wanting to search for random things on the internet and eat lots of snack food. I try to resist, but sometimes I can’t. Sometimes I am pulled in the lure of the yard of Jaffa Cakes.

Now here you might be asking yourself, what are Jaffa Cakes? And why would you need a yard of them?

yard of Jaffa Cakes
It says "Taller than your average Elf"


Basically, Jaffa Cakes are little sponge cakes with orange filling and chocolate tops. Basically, they are amazing. Basically, they’re helping me get through this.

Know what else is? Cute pictures of baby animals. Specifically from ZooBorns.

I really like the pictures of big cat babies. But they’re really very small. For big cats. My favorites are the clouded leopards. Like this guy.

Clouded Leopard Cub
He's so happy!

I could seriously post dozens of photos of cute clouded leopard babies. They make me so happy. And there aren’t that many of them left! So here are the rules if you see a clouded leopard cub:

1) Notify me immediately.

2) Notify nearby authorities if this cub is out and about where it shouldn’t be. Like a highway or your backyard.

3) Modified rule #2: Notify nearby authorities AFTER I’ve come over to your house to see said cub.

4) Take lots of pictures.

5) Maybe raise it as your own domestic cat. But that’s probably a really terrible idea.

6) Let me snuggle it.

That’s pretty much it. See for yourself–go to ZooBorns and look at all the ridiculously adorable baby animals. Maybe donate to a good cause. Or go to your nearby zoo and goggle over babies in person.

But don’t goggle over human babies at zoos. Notify nearby authorities that your zoo is keeping human babies in cages. That’s just wrong.

Okay, okay, back to work. It’s graded and such. I will persevere!

Oooh but look! A brand new baby gorilla on ZooBorns….


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