Friday Flash: Bacon

Madison Wood's Friday Flash Inspiration


But what if the fox gets it?

“I don’t know if it’s bacon.”

It stares and stares and stares, not knowing but smelling and understanding.

“It sure looks like bacon.”

Closer and creeping and almost there and snatching. Stealing and catching. The fox of the hat takes the bacon and the boy is left to stare, to starve and wish he’d been quicker on the draw.

“I guess we’ll never really know.”

For more inspiration and flash fictioning, check out Madison Woods and the Friday Fictioneers. 

I guess my flash fiction today is a bit more like flash poetry. I really loved the first two flash fictions I did, I think because the photos were so great. This picture doesn’t speak to me as much, although I do love bacon. I love bacon a lot. I would eat bacon on pretty much anything. One time, at Voodoo Doughnut in Portland, my friend Kelly got a maple-bacon doughnut. It was a doughnut with bacon on top of it. Brill. Iant. It looked like this:


As you can see–amazing. I want to go back to Portland just to get this doughnut. Or maybe I’ll learn how to make it myself?? More things to do over Winter Break! Which is imminent. I leave in nine days. And have so much to do. Besides work, that includes a trip to the Christmas Fair in Edinburgh this weekend and the St Andrew’s Christmas Ball this Sunday. Lots of upcoming festivities. So I guess I should get some work done first….since it’s graded and all that…


9 thoughts on “Friday Flash: Bacon

  1. I loved the rhythm and pacing too, and this would be great as spoken word – do you do that? If not, find a little pub somewhere that does host it sometimes and go have a listen and read yours 🙂

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