A Hurricane in Scotland

This morning I awoke to trashcans being blown down the street. I checked the weather report and there was a severe wind advisory for all of Scotland. It wasn’t too bad when I stepped out to get coffee, but from the ten minutes I spent in Costa to the time when I was going to leave for class, both the wind and rain picked up. I then fulfilled the biggest stormy day stereotype ever–my umbrella turned inside out.

Now, there is not an actual hurricane hanging over Scotland. Winds are up to 100mph and there are funny videos of trampolines rolling past windows and scary pictures of wind turbines catching on fire.

wind turbine
A wind turbine that spun so fast it caught on fire

I’m suddenly very glad I live on a street without big trees. And that I’m not on the top floor. If my roof blows off tonight, I should be okay. I do have very big windows, but unless the wind picks the trashcans up and throws them into my room, I’m not too worried.

I’ve lived through hurricanes before. Living in Orlando for many years will do that to a person. I just thought I’d gotten away from all of that by moving across the Atlantic ocean. You can take the girl away from the hurricanes, but you can’t take the hurricane-force winds away from the girl.


5 thoughts on “A Hurricane in Scotland

    1. It was pretty intense. It ended up being a little like a snowday–class getting canceled, things shutting down. So both a little scary and a little fun.

    1. Not so windy last night? Maybe that’s a good thing. Though there’s a small part of me that would’ve been okay with a small blizzard this morning….

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