Mud, snow and a stuffed pheasant: A Writer’s Retreat

I feel like winter’s finally here. Everyone tells you how cold Scotland’s going to be but it didn’t get that way until this weekend. And it snowed! The snow was made even more magical because this past weekend some friends and I lived in a giant old house in the middle of nowhere (outside of Dunbar). No internet, my phone broke and, with the exception of a video collection that included two copies of Ghostbusters, only ourselves for entertainment. Lots of reading was done and I’m sure other people did some writing. My favorite part was traipsing around the muddy fields, jumping in puddles and squelching through the mush.

We found the foundations of an ancient wall which reminded me of a medieval Dr. Seuss kind of place.

Scottish Magic
R and W sitting on an old, magical wall

This was after maybe forty-five minutes of walking in almost-freezing weather.

It’s the most ebullient I’ve felt in months.

Also, the sky looked like this:

amazing Scottish sky
Amazing Scottish sky

The clouds whizzed by so the sky was constantly changing. It was magnificent and I could have stared at it for days.

There were many pictures taken that made us all look like we were in an indie band, but those’ll go up on facebook later.

While this was ostensibly a writer’s retreat, I actually did very little writing. I think I’m recovering a bit from NaNoWriMo. And I’ll have to get over getting over it, since I have final projects due next week. That’s right–only two more weeks of school in the semester. And then, oh, what’s that? It’s Christmas in less than three weeks? AMAZING. But it was a restive weekend, full of comfortable beds, food that was much too good and people I enjoy being with. Still an overall success.

Oh yes. And some of my friends insisted that the house was haunted, which freaked them out. I was more disturbed by the stuffed pheasant that perched on a shelf in one (of the two) of the living rooms. Stuffed birds outcreep ghosts in my book.


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