Friday Flash and a Giant Cupcake

Friday Flash Inspiration
Inspirational picture from Madison Woods for this Friday's Flash

The flamingo pig is a rare breed found only in the tiniest of crevices and the browniest of leaves. It uses its long legs to quickly leap from twig to twig along the forest floor, evading the snappy-claws and blundering-crivets of its enemies. The light pink hue of its skin, one would think, would make a terrible camouflage, but not so. It blends in with the underbrush and hides in the uppernest leafy bits, invisible against a marshmallow-light-cloud sky.

Though I must say, hard as they are to catch, tastier they are to eat.

For more stories prompted by this image, visit Madison Woods and explore the rest of the Friday Fictioneers!

I’ve been enjoying reading week for the past (you guessed it) week, and have had limited internet access, so no time to update the blog. But I wanted to continue with my new tradition of Friday Flashing (I get to use such fun words!!) AND inform you that I made the awesomest thing ever: a giant cupcake.

Giant Cupcake
A giant cupcake made from love

It was Gavin’s 21st birthday last Sunday and I wanted to surprise him with a cake. Whenever I sneakily tried to ask him what his favorite type of cupcake was, he kept saying, “A BIG one!” I didn’t want to come right out and ask him, so I decided to snark him right back. I got a special silicone mold and made him a giant 21st birthday cupcake. With chocolate cream cheese frosting. Because I am awesome and full of snark.

Quick NaNo update:

Haven’t written as much as I should’ve because of reading week, so therefore the word count is currently: 12,649.

I’m hoping to bump it up a lot this weekend. Here’s hoping!


6 thoughts on “Friday Flash and a Giant Cupcake

  1. Another very creative one, and although the mc ended up eating the critter, it didn’t feel so much like a dark story – very odd! I loved it. Also loved the way you recognize your own awesome-ness at baking a huge cupcake for your Gavin.

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