A Literary Halloween: Brief Recap

I like to think that my Halloween outing yesterday was literary. I’ve always wanted to go as a literary character, cause I’m pretentious like that. And this year I finally achieved my goal! I was a character from one of my favorite series of books ever.

Me as the Golden Snitch
Me as the Golden Snitch!

I mean, sort of a literary character. The golden snitch is IN the Harry Potter books and I think it’s got plenty of personality. Ta dah! I cut and sewed gold material to a black tank top and stuffed it full of pillows. I attached gauzy material for wings and had enough leftover gold material to make a snazzy headband. It’s kind of my favorite Halloween costume ever.

I was surrounded by many vampires last night (and one sexy Saturn) because I went to a black tie Vampire party. Makes sense, right? And the pumpkin beer I referred to earlier was delicious but tasted like apples more than pumpkin. My friend Richard brewed it and said they’d tried to make a beer that really imbued the essence of pumpkin. So they didn’t use any kind of spices. Which apparently makes it taste like apples. I’m a cider girl myself, so I was really okay with it. And I think that’s my costume for next year decided–Cider Girl! Maybe a can of Strongbow? After making such a fabulous costume this year, I think anything is possible.


I’ve been playing with Scrivener a lot and it is SO GREAT. Character sketches and research files and different compiling formats for eBooks or paperback novels or manuscript form–I’m in love. I’m getting super pumped for NaNoWriMo! November gonna be CRAZY, folks!


5 thoughts on “A Literary Halloween: Brief Recap

  1. I feel strongly that this picture is awesome.

    And also that I should have tasted the pumpkin beer. I disagree with the lack of spice, though, despite having not tasted it.

    Sexy Saturn

    1. That is awesome. Just a shame we didn’t know each other at that time, cause I would’ve bowed down to your awesomeness.

      Are you excited for the new movie? With Leo?

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