Trashy Blonde, Bon Iver and the Eternal Bus Ride

This past Saturday was full of adventure. There was new beer to be tasted, new music to be heard and vehicular adventures galore. But before I get to that, I want to bring your attention to this:

Oreo Brownie
An Oreo brownie that I made that actually looks like a brownie!

This is an Oreo brownie that I made last night and it is the first time EVER that I’ve made brownies that have actually stayed together. By which I mean it wasn’t too gooey to come out of the pan and didn’t fall into pieces. It looks like a brownie! And it was SCRUMPTIOUS, if I do say so myself. The recipe is another My Baking Addiction masterpiece.

Okay. Self-trumpeting over. On to last Saturday.

A troupe of friends and I wandered into Edinburgh to see a Bon Iver concert. I say wandered because we had to get a bus from St Andrews to Leuchars, which is the closest town with a train station. We were to then take the train straight to Edinburgh, but because of some bus-rail replacement nonsense, we got a train to Dalgety Bay (which my friend Trevor heard as “Dog Eighty Bee” when announced in a Scottish accent) and then had to take a bus from there to Edinburgh. A journey that usually takes one hour became two.

Oh well, no big deal. We got into Edinburgh not far from BrewDog, a fabulous Scottish brewery that makes beer I actually enjoy drinking. Specifically Trashy Blonde. You thought I meant a loose female with yellow hair? Ha HA. It’s actually a super tasty beer. It smells kind of funny, but once you get past that it’s got a nice, light, fruity-ish flavor. Their bar in Edinburgh is relatively small but full of snarky remarks and ridiculous names for their drinks. My favorite name is Tactical Nuclear Penguin, a beer with a 31% alcohol content and that costs £5 per nip. Their strongest beer is called Sink the Bismarck! and has a 42% abv. Oh yes. BrewDog is all about Equity for Punks. And ridiculously high alcohol content in their beers.

BrewDog Menu

Post BrewDog pizza and beer (I would’ve felt like I was back in the States except that the beer was delicious and the pizza had pesto and chorizo on it) the lot of us headed off to Usher Hall for the Bon Iver concert. This was the second time I’d seen Bon Iver and they didn’t disappoint. I took a couple videos which I’ll link here once I’ve uploaded them to YouTube–one of Skinny Love and one of Stacks. Despite the fact that the five of us were crammed into tiny seats (especially tiny for my friend Richard, who’s 6’5. I think his knees were hanging over the seat in front of him the whole time.) and we were in the UPPER balcony (not the first balcony–the one above that), it was an absolutely phenomenal show. Seeing “Skinny Love” live will always be a near-spiritual experience.

It is solely because I’d had such a fabulous day, both at BrewDog and Bon Iver, that made getting back to St Andrews bearable. We were supposed to get a bus to get a train to get a taxi (it being too late at this point for the bus to be running from Leuchars to St Andrews). However, the bus we were supposed to get was full of people, so the bus driver said there’d be another bus right behind him to take us to the train. By right behind him he meant a bus that would get there in about 20 minutes and would have to be flagged down as it went roaring past us. This bus of course didn’t get us to the train station on time. The next bus that would have taken us from Dalgety Bay to Leuchars had broken down, so the bus driver of the bus we were currently on graciously offered to drive that route. Being completely unfamiliar with the area he was now driving in, he proceeded to make several wrong turns, at one point getting stuck with the bus facing a harbor. He had to make a 30-point turn which took about ten minutes of starting and stopping and slowly, SLOWLY turning.

Before, we were upset that it took two hours to get to Edinburgh when it would usually take one. Getting back from Edinburgh to St Andrews ended up taking around three and a half hours. We didn’t get back until 2:30am. Needless to say, I got pretty slap happy along the way, so I started making up songs. My favorite was entitled “I’m a Penguin.” I’ll be sending it to Bon Iver to see what they think.


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